Happy Diwali 2017 Messages


Happy Diwali 2017 messages – Deepavali or Diwali has many  religious and symbolic interpretation. As it marks the happy return of lord Rama to Ayodha after fourteen year’s of exile symbolising the victory of sacred forces over the profane forces  or darkness that is prevailing within oneself. According to other interpretation this day marks the well being of all. If someone desires health shakti will come in. If some one wants knowledge then saraswati will enter his or her house or Lakshmi will come in if money and prosperity is desired by someone on this day.This festival reinforces our bonding with our family by lightening up the darkness of the Amavasya moon. Diwali is marked by giving gifts as these gifts are considered acknowledgement of love and affection that we give to our loved ones. Gifts are exchanged among friends and acquaintances after Dipavali puja and before lighting crackers. Everyone competes for the most number of gifts. But nowadays, with the ever increasing distances, nuclear families, selective friends, the concept of Dipavali gifts have changed. Now it is an extended expression of best wishes through messages shared between near and dear ones. In this year, Dipavali coming on Sunday, October 30 2016.Happy Diwali 2016 Messages



There was a time in Indian culture which was marked by festival every day of the year because it was considered that festival will bring life to a state of enthusiasm. Such was the importance of festivals. Nowadays, festival means you get a holiday and you wake up at 12 in the noon and go for a movie and message your near and dear ones wishing them. The idea of Diwali is to bring back that state of enthusiasm in ones life. The purpose of fire crackers is to set fire within you, within your internal soul. Happy Diwali 2016 Messages


Happy Diwali 2016 Messages

 Nowadays, mobiles have become an indispensable tools of our lives. Most notably smart phones have bring the world in our hand. With just a click we can access all the amenities of life, contact any one we need to contact immediately be it in our own country or abroad. Text messages is the most easy way to reach a person. Nowadays, with our busy corporate lives we hardly get any time to go visit someone to wish them. Diwali messages serve this purpose. With enormous number of sites offering beautiful text messages you can easily be able to wish your near and dear ones.



There are many websites where you will be able to find beautiful  Diwali text. This sites will also provide you options for downloading this messages. So wish your distant  friend and relatives the happiness of Diwali by these messages.

Messaging service nowadays hold a world of untapped potential. If you are unable to go and visit your friends in person, drop a Diwali message, which will make them happy and there are many sites on the internet that provides beautiful text messages, this also saves your time and effort.

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